Monday, April 25, 2011

☼SummerFling - FTU☼

This tutorial was made and written by my own ideas any resemblance to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.

For experienced PSP10 (or any other version would work)
Scrapkit: SummerFling by SueEllen you can grab her kit here
Tube of choice. I am using artwork by Elias Chatzoudis. You can purchase his tubes here
I am using mask by Vix you can download here
Font of choice. I used whatdowedoallday
Plugin Eye Candy 5- impact- glass
Plugin Xero-radiance

Supplies used from scrapkit
WCS_flower doodle 3
WCS_butterfly 2
WCS_ribbon 4
WCS_paper 1
WCS_paper 10

Lets Start
Open your floralframe
open flower doodle 3 copy and paste go to effects add drop shadow
open butterfly 2 go to image- mirror- copy and paste go to effects add drop shadow
open wildflower copy and paste go to effects add drop shadow
open doodle copy and paste in layer box drag below wildflower
open paper 1 copy and paste and drag to bottom in layer box
use your eraser tool and erase paper around frame so its just inside frame
open ribbon 4 copy and paste use the eraser tool as in my ex.
open tube of choice copy and paste move layer below frame
use eraser tool to go around frame so tube is inside
go to effects-plugins-xero-radiance you can play with settings to how you want
if you do not have this plugin you can duplicate tube layer 
double click on that layer go to blend mode- select soft glow 
open paper 10 copy and paste and drag down to bottom in layer box
go to layers- load/save mask- load mask from disk and select mask 
on mask layer right click- merge group
you can use select tool to make it bigger

Add name and copyright info
I used the eye candy 5 - impact - glass effect to name.

If anyone tries my tut I would love to see your results:)

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