Friday, May 17, 2013

Grave Obsessions - PTU

This tutorial was made and written by my own ideas any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Supplies Needed 
For experienced PSP User
Scrapkit: Grave Obsessions by Pink Paradox Productions
You can purchase her kit here
Font of choice. I'm using font called van helsing
Tube of choice. I'm using artwork by Arthur Crowe
You can purchase his work here
Plugin: Eye Candy 5-Impact-Gradient Glow
Plugin: Xero-Radiance

Elements used from kit
PPP-Grave Obessions-E4
PPP-Grave Obsessions-E12
PPP-Grave Obsessions-E37
PPP-Grave Obsessions-E43
PPP-Grave Obessions-E45
PPP-Grave Obessions-E48
PPP-Grave Obessions-E50
PPP-Grave Obessions-E63
PPP-Grave Obessions-E68
PPP-Grave Obessions-E69
PPP-Grave Obessions-E71
PPP-Grave Obessions-E72
PPP-Grave Obessions-E74
PPP-Grave Obessions-E76
PPP-Grave Obessions-E78
PPP-Grave Obessions-E83
PPP-Grave Obessions-E86
PPP-Grave Obessions-E87
PPP-Grave Obessions-E109
PPP-Grave Obessions-E117
PPP-Grave Obessions-E118
PPP-Grave Obessions-E119
PPP-Grave Obessions-E121

Let's get Started
Open new raster 600x600
Copy and Paste fence place in center of raster
Copy and Paste the stones on the dark stone duplicate-image-mirror
Copy and Paste black leaves duplicate 4x on one go to image-mirror
Copy and Paste vine duplicate-image-mirror
Copy and Paste remaining elements by sample
On rose duplicate
On lighting go to image-mirror
Add tube of choice
Add name I applied Gradient Glow with drop shadow
Add copyright info and we are done!

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