Sunday, March 23, 2014

Beauty - PTU

This tutorial was made and written by my own ideas any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental.
Supplies Needed
For experienced PSP User
Tube: Artwork by The Hunter called Beauty
Scrapkit: Matching kit with same name by Bibi's Collection
Both products can be purchased here
Font of choice. I'm using font called Van Helsing
Plugin: Eye candy 5-Impact-Gradient Glow
Plugin: Xero-Radiance
Elements used from kit
BibiBeauty Elems16
BibiBeauty Elems60
BibiBeauty Elems67
BibiBeauty Elems74
BibiBeauty Elems77
BibiBeauty Elems78
BibiBeauty Elems84
BibiBeauty Elems110
BibiBeauty Elems112
BibiBeauty Elems113
BibiBeauty Elems130
BibiBeauty Papers8
Let's get Started
Open new raster 700x700
Copy and Paste frame
Copy and Paste Papers8 drag below frame layer
Adjust size and use eraser tool to remove outside access
Copy and Paste grass layer drag above frame layer
Copy and Paste wordart adjust size and duplicate
Copy and Paste black roses place on frame layer
Copy and Paste rose duplicate and arrange by sample
Copy and Paste remaining elements by sample
Copy and Paste tube of choice
I applied Radiance Effect with drop shadow
Add name I applied Gradient Glow
Add copyright info and we are done!

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